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Overview: Angela Aki is is a japanese singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist. She lived in the US for a while and also released her first (indie) album there. Japanese debut is dated 2005. She has strong beautiful voice and amazing piano skills. Outside Japan she’s probably best known for her Final Fantasy XII final song.

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[2000.01.04] These Words (mp3)
[2005.03.09] ONE
[2006.06.14] Home
[2007.09.19] TODAY
[2009.02.25] ANSWER
[2010.09.08] LIFE
[2011.09.28] WHITE
[2012.01.11] SONGBOOK
[2012.07.18] BLUE


[2006.01.18] 心の戦士

[2006.03.15] Kiss Me Good-Bye

[2006.05.31] This Love

[2007.03.07] サクラ色

[2007.05.23] 孤独のカケラ

[2007.07.11] たしかに

[2008.09.17] 手紙 ~拝啓 十五の君へ~

[2009.09.16] 愛の季節

[2010.04.14] 輝く人

[2011.06.08] 始まりのバラード/I Have a Dream

[2012.07.11] 告白

[2013.07.03] 夢の終わり 愛の始まり

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