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Date: 2013.05.26

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  • Releases:

Alstroemeria Records — DEGENERATE DANCEHALL (東方) [ARCD0040]

ALiCE’S EMOTION — Heart of Eternity (東方) [AECD-037]

Halozy — 物凄いベスト (東方) [HLZY-0016]

狐の工作室 — 東方幻想界 -風神録の音- (東方) [KNTH-0012]

flap+frog — FLOWERs:2 (東方) [FFRC-0130]

Swing Of the Dead — TOHO JAZZY VOCALⅠ (東方) [SOD-0001]

Aleile & Crest & 魂音泉 & DDBY — ~癒しの風~ Vol. 1 大空魔術 (東方)

Barrage Am Ring — Barrage Am Ring 3 Arrange-Side (東方) [BANG-0003A]

Diverse System — thE4. 5 (東方) [DVSP-0093]

LiLA’c Records — Vernal (東方) [LLAC-0015]

OrangeCoffee — The Lounge Map 2 – afternoon tea set (東方) [ORCF-0008]

R-Note — 東方奏華響 ~Trip in Distance~ (東方) [RNCD-0004]

R-Note — 第十回博麗神社例大祭 R-Note おまけCD (東方)

SWING HOLIC — 東方ぴあのとりお (東方) [SWHC-1001]

FELT — Icicle fall (東方) [FELT-010]

ShibayanRecords — TOHO BOSSA NOVA 2 (東方) [STAL-1301]

K-waves LAB — 東方Projectごちゃまぜアイリッシュ風プレ版楽曲CD ~その四~ (東方)

Melodic Taste — Blue Regret (東方) [MTCD-0008]

A-One — TOHO EUROBEAT presents THE REVIVAL MIX (東方) [AONE-0018]

EastNewSound — Mindless Act (東方) [ENS-0024]

IOSYS — RoughSketch TOHO WORKS 2007-2012 (東方) [IO-0250]

Rolling Contact — HEAVEN’s SOUND 04 (東方) [LOLI-0034]

signum/ii — Brighter Oath (東方) [SGNM-004]

Amateras Records — Emotionally Resonance the Instrumental (東方) [AMRC-0012]

EastNewSound — Auxiliary Brightness the Instrumental (東方) [ENS-0025]

T.Piacere — STiLL MOMENT (東方) [T.P-0003]

ZYTOKINE — Dancing Dollz (東方) [CK-0027P]

Unity-Gain — a Lack Unity Plastic… 2 (東方) [UTGN-0010]

Foxtail-Grass Studio — ときかけエオリア (東方) [FGST-0010]

  21 Responses to “例大祭10 – Reitaisai 10”

  1. IOSYS never stops, huh?

    Ah well, lots of cool stuff to come. Just 10 days to go!

  2. Thank you guys for your hard work, was eager to get Degenerate Dancehall ! I’m gonna start this week with a blast !

  3. Can’t wait for EastNewSound – Mindless Act. Oh Dear me!

    • i luv that as well

      • ENS/LiLA’c are on my wishlist too.

        Given the current frequency rate of rips, we will have to wait until all those mailorders arrive and the rippers do their job (and judging for the upload dates on PD from past Reitaisais, it will be a long wait…)

        Ah well, there is still Alstromeria Records, IOSYS (seriously, those guys never take a rest!?), and my favorites SOUND HOLIC and ALiCE’S EMOTION (keep giving me tunes from Nana Takahashi, Ayumi Nomiya and Nachi Sakaue, and I’ll be happy). Oh, and the opportunity to samplle new circles (what the hell is a “Sally”!?)

        Too bad that I can’t import discs from Japan to my commie hellhole :(

        • Mail order? Reitaisai is a convention that specialises in Touhou stuff, so they majority of the stock are shifted at the event. Unless they are a really strong circle, they only sell their remaining stock online after the event, without reprints either.

          • Heh, for me there is no important difference between “mail order” and “online purchase”.

            But thanks for the clarification anyway.

            • It’s not about the difference between mail order or online purchases. A convention is a big meeting event, like Comiket in Japan, or E3 for vedio games. Reitaisai is for Touhou stuff.

  4. Obviously not lossy.

  5. Any news if you can get A-One’s “Toho Eurobeat Presents The Revival Mix”?

  6. So there was a new iosys release? Hurry the FUCK up before.

  7. Should have gotten YHST-0024

  8. For Mindless Act, you can hear a buzz like a “low battery” notification about 45 seconds into the nineth song [ 09. 紫咲ほたる & 夕月椿 — Urahara ff ].

    Can someone please tend to that?
    It’s just that one song.
    To uploader, I hope you see this. =)

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