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Date: 2013.04.29

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しちごさん。 — 夜を灯すランジェ [L753-0001]

HARDCORE TANO*C — TANO*C TOUR 2013 the Anthem [TCPLUS-0011]

MINAMOTRANCE — Re:union [MTCD-015]

AsianDynasty Records — Summer Night Fever [ADMS-1301]


A-One & 秋葉工房 — SUPER EURO SMASH Vol. 3 [ASES-0003]


BITPLANE — Singular Edits

SKETCH UP! Recordings — JP-H/D#03 [SUHD-0003]

Halozy — TOHO R&B HOUSE Party Vol. 0 (東方) [HLEX-0006]

DiGiTAL WiNG — RAVER’S NEST presents DJ katsu CLUB MIX (東方) [DWCD-0007]

廃盤制作委員会 — 廃盤 vol. 1 [HBCD-001]

sweez — Dash to the Victory!


DIVERSE SYSTEM — AD:Electronic Dance 2 [DVSP-0090~1]


幽閉サテライト — 幽閉樂祭 ~春の宴~ (東方) [YHST-0023]

IOSYS — Stellar Nursery (東方) [IO-0243]

unisonia — 02a カフェ・ヘックス 魔女のいる喫茶店 [UNIS-0002]

Eryps feat. 片霧烈火 — Alone [EYPSCD-008]

ちぃむdmp☆ — だめぽじゃないですでんぱですっ!! [DMPCD-005]

おでんぱ☆スタジオ — おでんぱ☆スタジオ~もう4ちゃい~ [OPCD-1012]

ヤヤネヒロコ — 蜂蜜色の宙のした -when I fall in air- [YAYA0003]


Low Resilience Records — Drip the Bass EP

Oak Flux — Moment

wH-Label — TechnoticMixture06 [WHCD0016]

exbit trax ltd. — Crack [xbtcd05]

DA Recording (Dirty Androids) — Wanderlust [DARC-001]

GAT — GAT01 [GATCD-01]

Calla Soiled — Grain of Sand Butterfly

  15 Responses to “M3-31”

  1. thanks for sharing…

  2. So far Euro Trance Project is the best of all. Of course, it is matter of musical taste, Just stating my opinion.
    MINAMOTRANCE is also very good. ^^

    • I don’t get the point of the TANO*C TOUR Anthems – can anyone explain to me what the hell is that!?

      • they make an anthem each year for their tour across japan (Hokkaido, Tokyo, Osaka)

      • Just an anthem to TANO*C tour. They think that it will power up partys or something. Not sure about that, though.

  3. Waiting for the Soildbox Records new compilation remix album called X Returns. Hopefully someone with ripp it

    • I hope too, because we didn’t by soldibox this time

      • shit, that would be awesome.

        • weird, that anyone bought solidbox records release and the new Massive New Krew album. :/
          These were kind of the most wanted by me.
          But already spent my budget. So now I just need to wait for some one to share it.

          • Our patience have been rewarded.. just wait until this user from Doujinstyle forums ripp & upload them ^__^
            scroll down to Kogasa45 post.

            • Patience is something I have a LOT.
              And I have been hooked on that website. ^_^
              Eventually I will replace those for the Audio4U shares. Call me stupid, but it’s my way to praise her/his… Their … whatever XD … work they have here in sharing. ^_^
              Plus….. she…. he…. They XD, are the only one scanning the covers. :)

  4. Sure hope Shimamuras (Dynasty Records) MAX will pop up soon!
    I see it’s in the spreadsheet, but does this necessarily mean you actually got a hold of it?

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