Apr 152013

Just thought to throw in some statistics from my client.

Best uploaded by size:

Best uploaded by ratio:

btw, summary, j-core batches took about 20% of all upload traffic in my torrent client.

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  1. Interesting. I was able to download flac version only. Speed of flac version was about 1MB/s, vorbis 100KB/s. Even with seeder in the same country (ive downloaded anime jpmusic etc from bt since 3 yrs and its first time i see polish peer)

  2. Count me in on the FLAC stats, since I’ve decided to stop downloading lossy rips no matter the source, and instead do my own (for my devices and stuff).

    Now this brings some interesting questions:
    1) How much money you would need to buy such a large collection?
    2) How many Libraries of Congress would be the equivalent for these numbers?
    3) J-Core beats Touhou any single day? Or it is the other way around?

    • Do you think I bought all of them? No. Half of them? No. 10% of them? Also no.
      And what is that last question? Touhou is still (and will be) more popular than j-core

      • The first question was hypotetical – what if someone stinkin’ rich wanted to burn a few thousands of $$$ building a collection like this one :) (Or to make it even more funny: how much space would be required to store all those discs if someone bought every single one). Statistics are interesting, and can be fun too.

        And well, you’ve just answered my last question… I’m still exploring this weird and wonderful world, but given the overlap between J-Core and Touhou, it’s easy to get confused.

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for all the work you’ve done.

    This site transcends believably awesome.

  4. thanks for all your works, really appreciate it >_<
    i hope you planning to make C83 batch too sometimes, hehe

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