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Overview: fripSide is an electronic music band by producer and musician Satoshi Yaginuma. Yoshino Nanjo is the main vocalist right now, nao was the one before 2009. The band itself is very popular, primarily because of all the anime and game songs. Even though nao graduated from the fripSide, she continued her activity as an independent singer and owner of  DystopiaGround doujin circle.

Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)

fripSide official site, nao official site

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  • Albums
[2003.04.12] 1st odyssey of fripSide
[2004.03.28] 2nd fragment of fripSide
[2005.06.23] 3rd reflection of fripSide
[2006.07.15] the very best of fripSide 2002-2006
[2007.08.24] binarydigit
[2008.01.25] Rabbit syndrome
[2008.09.16] split tears
[2008.12.28] Re:product mixes ver.0.1
[2009.07.17] fripSide nao complete anthology 2002-2009 -my graduation-
[2010.12.01] infinite synthesis
[2012.01.01] fripSide PC game compilation vol.1
[2012.12.05] Decade

  • Game singles
[2008.12.28] メリ☆クリテーマソングマキシシングル
[2009.03.27] Areas ~空に映すキミとのセカイ~ Theme Song CD
[2009.12.11] ひだまりバスケット
[2010.03.26] Areas 恋する乙女の3H Theme Song CD

  • Singles
[2008.07.16] flower of bravery
[2008.08.20] やっぱり世界はあたし☆れじぇんど!!
[2009.11.04] only my railgun
[2010.01.29] ムゲンノチカラ
[2010.02.17] LEVEL5 -judgelight-
[2010.12.13] future gazer
[2011.08.24] Heaven is a Place on Earth
[2011.12.14] way to answer
[2013.05.08] sister’s noise
[2013.08.21] eternal reality

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  • Albums
[2011.06.22] prismatic infinity carat
[2011.12.29] Fourcount
[2012.12.29] first Re:Place
[2012.12.29] second Re:Phase

  • DystopiaGround
[2009.12.30] Euclidean (C77)
[2009.12.30] Fermion (C77)
[2010.05.05] DystopiaGround #001 (M3-25)
[2010.08.14] DystopiaGround #002 (C78)
[2010.10.31] DystopiaGround #003 (M3-26)
[2010.12.31] DystopiaGround #004 (C79)
[2011.05.01] DystopiaGround #005 (M3-27)
[2011.12.31] The Epilogue (C81)
[2011.12.31] The Prologue (C81)

  • Singles
[2010.03.31] シンクロしようよ
[2010.08.25] 流星のビヴロスト/sincerely
[2010.08.27] entrance to you
[2010.12.22] ぱすてるチャイム
[2010.12.29] フラグへし折り男 主題歌マキシCD
[2011.08.11] Tiny Dungeon オリジナルソングCD
[2012.06.29] 1/2 summer マキシシングルCD
[2012.10.24] 神次元! ふぉーちゅん・まてりある

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  11 Responses to “fripSide + nao”

  1. Mmmm… Now I understand a bit the part about nao (and IIRC I’ve recently listened to something from DystopiaGround, need to checkout better that circle).

    Anyway, with our without nao, fripSide quickly became one of my favorite bands. Thanks again!

  2. thank you for this guys it help me a lot

  3. thank you so much! everything in lossless *thumbsup*
    i searched so long to get everything with nao, but i still missed some things

  4. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!! *-*

  5. Are my headphones/ears sucks or the quality of this rip is terrible -_-? especially in fripside albums

  6. Will there be an update for this later this year?

  7. [2013.05.08] sister’s noise
    [2013.08.21] eternal reality

    Links are dead! Will you put them in the torrent or put up new links?

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