Nov 252014

Current version: 1.0.

Upgradable: -.

Overview: K.U.R.O. is a goa-, psy-trance/psytech alias of Takeichirou Kurosaki. He has debuted in 1994 with one of the most famous GOA anthems of the time – Zoa. K.U.R.O. is widely recognised on the psy scene and has released many of his tracks on major labels.
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Nov 242014

Current version: 1.0.

Upgradable: -.

Overview: Sevensenses Recordings was a trance/house label established in 2004 by DJ Matsunaga and run together with Kenji Sekiguchi. Due to some obstacles in management, it was closed in 2009, and Otographic Music became a successor of the label. Main composers: The Originators, Favor, Hiroyuki Oda, Nhato, Shingo Nakamura, Kyohei Akagawa.

Some releases can be bought in digital format from beatport.
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Nov 222014

Current version: 1.0

Upgradable: —
Overview: Amateras Records is a touhou doujin circle focused on electronic arranges with female vocals. Tracy is the main person of the circle, but many other arrangers can be found as well: kirin, Blue Twinkle, Linjin, Irus, cittan* and so on. Tsukiyama Sae is the main vocalist, and already-known miko, F9, koko are also involved in the production. Main genres are: progressive, uplifting, psy and hard trance.

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Feb 222011

Small spectrogram test, random track and random place.
Hiroyuki ODA — Light Velocity (Makotrax remix)
aotuv beta 6
lame 3.98.4
320.mp3 17.5 mb
lossless.wav 77.4 mb
q5.ogg 9.41 mb
v0.mp3 12.9 mb